This handout says to do the grid for 10 students, but 5 is enough this semester. CB
This reading is for September 15. ACADEMIC LANGUAGE is a big deal for the CATs, and this article is a good explanation of the concept

Here is a shortcut to Burns So You Have to Teach Math:

Katie Bickert, 1st grade, Franklin School SMMUSD,

Sara Wedel,

For finding employment opportunities at Independent Schools, try California Association of Independent Schools A recent grad said she got more responses from this site than from Edjoin.

Speaking of Edjoin, here it is: It calls itself "California's Premiere Education Job Search Site"

The two readings for 9/19 exceed the size allowed by Wikispaces.You can find them on our Courses site. Sorry for the wild goose chase! They are called "The Highly Engaged Classroom" and "Nelsen Chapter 7."

Salman Khan is coming to speak at UCSB. Here is the info. You should go!

Common Core Standards website (standards available for downloading): (Thank you to Hannah!)

The Kronowitz reading for Monday Sept 26 is too large to post here. It's on Courses. And it's sideways. Sorry!