Mychala's Interviews....

1. typist clerk 2
2. laminates, binds and makes copies for the teachers and principal
3. Martha (the principal)
4. giver her at least a days notice when teachers need copies or things laminated
5. be good at communicating and specific about needs

1. campus supervisor
2. watch over children during lunch and recesses, make sure they are safe, enforce the rules
3. Martha and Sherry, the head campus supervisor
4. teachers should let her know of any on going problems, or if any of the children are having a hard time or are upset
5. it is important to watch for home stuff that students may bring with them to school which may be linked to their behavior

Sakura's interviews:

Barry Yates & the 5-min interview that became 50 mins...
1. Elementary school principal (or King)
2. Everything: curriculum, safety, liason, even teach, etc.
3. Superintendent
4. Keep principal informed; communicate, whether it's about something good or bad (don't be afraid that a bad incident is a self-reflection).
5. Build networks with colleagues. Be flexible because schedules change. Don't be afraid to ask.

Pamela Rose (verbatim. This one had to be done through e-mail since my first interview lasted wayyy too long and I had to leave)
1. Sr. Office Specialist
2. The position is similar to an Administrative Assistant. I am responsible however for daily attendance. I am also the Registrar which is all enrollment. I meet with all prospective parents and go over all the requirements to enroll and assist them in the process thru inputting each and every one into the computer. Every student also has a cumulative folder that I've made up.
3. The school principal is my boss.
4. New teachers should be mentored by older teachers ideally. That said, knowing what responsibilities are part of teaching outside "teaching" is important as there are many: deadlines and due dates on administrative paperwork; testing, absences, required parent info, etc. Asking the office and keeping good communication esp. for first couple years is the best way to know as schools vary and changes are year to year.
5. If you need more assistance, ask for it or find the solution and do not struggle. A mentor or two esp. at grade level is a lifesaver. Be open to suggestions and list your questions and meet when the other person is available as it is impossible to have the time during the day usually. Most people want you to succeed and help you so just know that in any job you've got to start somewhere. With children however, it is better to use your intuitive sense of "knowing" the best answers and coming across in control as they read your confidence minute to minute. In other words, walk in self-assured and you'll do fine.

June's Interviews:

1. Day custodian
2. Opening and cleaning the school on a daily basis. He pretty much does whatever is needed/ whatever the administration or teachers need him to do. He has also kept some of the kids in my classroom from being lost at times.
3. Mr. Yates (principal).
4. Keep in good communication and ask for what is needed.
5. Love yourself and take care of yourself!

1. After school coordinator
2. Picking up younger students at dismissal time from classroom; supervising students until their parents can come; communicating schedule with teachers
3. Mr. Yates (principal)
4. Be on time and know who is going where.
5. Stay organized and do not get overwhelmed.

Whitney's Interviews:

Jane Jefferies
1. Nurse
2. First aid, giving medications, caring for students with medical needs: Diabetes ect., keeping track of health records, teaching teachers and staff emergency procedures, communicating with families about medical resources
3. Director of Pupil Services ( Marilyn Freedman)
4. Communication is key, when they have a concern always report it!
5. Get to know the kids from a total point of view

Karla Miranda
1. Cafeteria Worker II
2. Prep hot food and salad bar, pre order food, inventory
3. Food Service Director: (Orlando Creago)
4. To encourage kids to eat in the Cafeteria because they healthy options such as the farmer's market salad bar, even though it is not "cool" to eat in the cafeteria
5. To be cool with the kids treat them as equals so they won't be afraid of their teachers.

Hannah's Interviews:

1. Art teacher/ Office Assistant
2. Teaching Art and helping in the office
3. Mr. Yates
4. Work together and recognize that it is a team effort
5. See the whole child, and understand their learning differences

1. Instructional Assistant - Classroom
2. Help teachers, carry out the curriculum, help with lessons, work with small groups or one on one with students, prepare teaching materials, lunch duty
3. Mr. Yates
4. Be organized and make aides part of the classroom
5. Understand that the job is demanding; be aware of diversity; be caring and enthusiastic; understand that you're making an impact; know that teachers, parents, and students work together for success

Alex's Interviews

1. ICT Bilingual (Intermediary Clerical Typist)
2. Budget, purchasing, enrollment, attendance, translating
3. Martha (principal)
4. Allow enough time if you need something from her. You don't know how busy she is.
5. Follow the same program they follow, know the rules of the school, ask questions if you have them

1. Lead supervisor
2. In charge of all campus supervisors, schedule, training supervisors, firing, meeting with Martha, looking after the safety of children, helping in the lunch room
3. Martha (principal)
4. Know the rules for recess and snack, be on time to pick up your students
5. Communicate with the supervisors as far as reprimanding students