Here are the directions for the IRIS module on RTI. Please complete this instead of coming to class by some time on Friday, Sept 23.

1. Go to the site at

2. Click on RTI (Includes Early Intervening) on the list on the left, then Modules (10) from the list in the middle of the screen.

3. Select

4. You can watch the highly engaging Challenge video again if you want to. If not, just proceed to the section Thoughts, and jot down your initial thoughts just for yourself, no need to post here or turn in.

5. Then read and/or watch and/or listen to all the pages on Perspectives and Resources, at least through page 8. Page 9 may have some good sources for further exploration for you.

6. Go to the Discussion tab on this page. You'll see the 4 Assessment questions from IRIS there. Since it wouldn't make sense for all 6 of you to respond to all 4 pretty specific close-ended questions, just answer a little and leave something for others to write. You can also respond to colleagues' answers.

7. Feel free to add a new Discussion Post if you have a good question or topic.

ENJOY! Be Engaged!