I posted something in the discussion section but now it is gone. =[ I'm confused! - Mychala
Are you snapmb? I think you posted it on the discussion section on the HELP page. The article about the teacher you said Whitney would like? So go to the HELP page (You're on the help page...) and click on the DISCUSSION (1) tab near the top. I think most people are posting on the discussion tab on the Home page. Carrie
ok that makes sense :) thank you!! - mychala

Hello! I can't seem to find the Kronowitz reading for this week (How do I differentiate instruction...) on the wiki or on courses. Are they hiding somewhere? Also, anyone have suggestions for "things" to post on the wiki (as in "post at least 2 things on the wiki" from the class schedule). Alex

  • Good question, Alex! I'm kind of stuck right now because I'm literally stuck in a Pepp Teacher Ed meeting in West LA, and I have not yet posted it, and I can't be back in my office today. I have let that ball drop. I'll see what I can do and get back to you.
  • For the "any 2 things" maybe a narrative description of an event, a link, a question (you can use the discussion board), a photo (no kids' photos please), something you've learned in your placement...

This is where you post questions and requests for help.

I could be looking in the wrong place, but I can't find the readings that are due tomorrow on courses under resources in the reading part! are they hiding somewhere else?? -Whitney

They are hiding under Resources on this wiki. --Carrie (Marzano and Ayers)

What's due Thursday?

Post on the wiki a photo of you at your school that says TEACHER on the wiki
Post on the wiki photos of your classroom and school that you’d like to share, for instance, bulletin boards, classroom arrangements, organizational tools…
Reading Kronowitz chapters 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13; available on Courses
Post on wiki your class schedule: See Assignment Guide