The other day one of my students was just standing there staring at me, after a while I felt awkward and asked her what was up, and she just responded with "Miss. Barnes you blink a lot" made me laugh :)

My master teacher doesn't put up with much funny business. I think the students in my class know I'm softer than she is. Last week, my MT sent me out to get the students and walk them to music. "Miss Anderson, are we going to music now?" ("Yes") "Yay!!!" (choral response of probably five kids...followed by a huge group hug) Lost control for a minute, had to laugh.

What a good idea for a page on our wiki!
My blog for 564M already mentions this student, so Carrie I'm sorry if this is too repetitive.
One of my students has an affinity for vacuum cleaners and has brought three from home on his sharing days. For S week he brought a swivel sweeper and for R week he brought a Roomba. He is only in kindergarten but is able to take them apart and explain how they work pretty accurately which is very impressive to my master teacher and me. Sometimes he has rough days because he misses his mom and all it takes is a simple reminder that he will be able to vacuum the classroom during activity time at the end of the day to put a smile on his face. Our carpet is always clean by the time he goes home in the afternoon. -June

Mrs. Griffin, talking to a student: "If you need any help finishing it, then ask me or Saku--- I mean Miss Yucki...?! Whatever your name is!! Write it on the board."
So I wrote my last name on the board next to Mrs. Griffin's name so all the students could see it.
A minute later a student asks, "Who's Miss Cookieshua?!" :D

Sakura--what other funny attempts at your name have you heard? Do you just laugh? Or does that ever make you sad? CB

No wayyy, I think it's hilarious when the kids do it b/c they say it so seriously. (I don't know what to think when adults do it repeatedly though...)
Today I remember a "Miss Koala." :)
A girl once asked, "Why is do we call you Miss Koshikawa?"
I answered, "Because it's my last name!!"
*light bulb* "OhhhHHHhhh..." :)

I must still be having anxiety about teaching you math methods. Last night I dreamed that I was an elementary school teacher, and I was pulled from my elementary classroom for one hour each day to teach math in middle school because of a last minute teacher vacancy. I had NO IDEA what to do when I walked into that class. CB

I also had a dream that I was being held hostage in a school by a team of terrorists. None of them appeared Middle-Eastern (the stereotypical terrorist). As a matter of fact, they all looked pretty much like the mostly Anglo Pepperdine students we get in PepSTEP. (hmmm.....) But none of them looked like you or anyone I know personally. One of them had a bomb-vest on. CB

Today while I was leading a math center I got a paper cut on my finger. I felt it but just brushed it off and ignored it until one of the students said "Woah! Miss Blythe is bleeding!" That's when I noticed a little bit of blood beginning to drip down my finger. So I quickly grabbed a paper towel and a band-aid and took care of the paper cut. The great thing was that then I had the students' full attention!