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Five Funky Flickr Tools- AA

Using a Promethean Board

The Mechanics of Using the Board
  1. Take time to play with the board and become familiar with the tools.
    1. Writing functions
    2. Shapes and clip art pieces
    3. Resizing and grouping
    4. Rotating
    5. The Basics
      1. How to write on something like a web page or word document
      2. How to find pre-made flipcharts on Promethean Planet
      3. Understand how to use layers
      4. Bells and Whistles
        1. Timer
        2. Thermometer
        3. Clickers
        4. Duo user
How to decide when to use Ed Tech
  1. Use it when you’re trying to transition away from manipulatives (Some students will need to use manipulatives longer than others.)
  2. Don’t use it if you’re not comfortable with it
  3. Always have a back up
  4. Use it when using manipulatives is inefficient
  5. To help students pay attention