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Mrs. Mehring's K-1 class schedule (June)
8:10 welcome, role, calendar, days of school
8:25 counting, sorting, measuring (math related)/ first grade phonics
8:50 movement/ dance activity
9:15 reading
9:40 snack/recess
10:10 story/ first grade math
10:20 creative activity (ex. book making, coloring, painting)/first grade math
11:10 lunch
11:50 sharing
12:10 activities and free time/ first grade "Explode the Code" reading and writing
12:50 Kindergarten clean up and singing/first grade PE
1:00 Kindergarten leaves
1:30 first grade language arts
2:45 first grade dismissed

1st/2nd grade Schedule- Whitney

8:15 Pledge, Role, Daily Bite
8:30 Math
9:25 P.E./Library (Fridays)
9:55 Snack Recess
10:10 Language Arts
11:30 Lunch
12:15 DEAR time
afternoon pullouts

2nd grade schedule- Mychala
8:30-9:05 Language Goups
9:05-10:10 Reading-Shared and Guided Groups
10:10-10:30 Recess
10:30-12 Math
12-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:10 Writing
1:10-1:30 Recess
1:30-2:00 Enrichment
2:00-2:45 RTI